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Fall Planting


Fall Planting

October 2018

Trees and Shrubs: Once milder temperatures set in, trees, shrubs, and turf will no longer face the stress of summer heat. This shift in weather allows plants to reinforce their root systems. It also makes fall the friendliest time for new plantings. Freshly planted trees and shrubs have the fall to get established, making their springtime emergence hearty and healthy.

Fall Color: Many of our crews have already installed fall color mums, kale, pansies, and grasses. A mix of annuals can be interspersed with perennial grasses to mark the season. However, this is also a time to consider adding native trees that are showy and can help rejuvenate our tree canopy as the Emerald Ash Borer takes its toll. River Birch is a good example. It has lovely color from spring through fall and then features gorgeous white, brown and tan bark, all peeling from mature trunks during the winter.

Mature landscaping can be a property's most prominent feature. As with any investment, you want to give landscape additions the best possible chance to reach full maturity. By planting new landscaping in the fall, you are setting the stage for long-term health and longevity.

Paulita LaPlante