It's all in the details


What’s Up?

Happy New Year!

As 2018 winds down, we take time to reflect on the past year as we look forward to the next. We are grateful that you, our customers, are part of our extended family and that you trust us to care for your property. We are hopeful for new beginnings in the year ahead and have many projects in the planning stages. Have a look at our Top Ten List for 2019 and give us a call to see how we can make your New Year's wishes come true.

  1. Make it Sustainable. Kudos to all our clients on schedule to reduce outdoor water use in the New Year with smart irrigation systems.

  2. Make an Outdoor Oasis. Creating a thoughtful place for staff and clients to sit and enjoy the landscape is a top priority for property managers.

  3. Create Focal Points in Plants. Whether an intriguing planter or a colorful garden, everyone loves an eye-catching display.

  4. First Impressions. Adding professionally designed landscape lighting makes the journey to entrances and spaces dramatic and interesting.

  5. Pollinators. Thanks to all our clients that request pollinator-friendly practices and plants as part of their contract.

  6. Birds. So many plants are wonderful sources of food for birds: high bushcranberry, pagoda dogwood, black cherry, sumac, echinacea and more. Our landscape designers are ready to help you attract more birds.

  7. Bring Green Indoors. Biophilic interior design is increasingly popular. Living walls can quickly make a difference in air quality and office mood.

  8. Roof Top Gardens. This is becoming a standard amenity for many metro apartments.

  9. Indoor Dog Runs. Ever try to house-train a puppy when you live in a high-rise and there is a foot of snow outside? Trust us. This is a thing.

  10. Organic Everything. One property manager introduced their organic program with this proclamation "not every dandelion needs to be dead." We predict this will be a shared refrain in 2019.

Paulita LaPlante