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March 2019: Mulch - More Than Meets The Eye


A fresh layer of mulch applied to a property's plant beds is one of the best ways to spruce up springtime landscaping. Rich, dark mulch gives beds a sharp, uniform look. It provides a great contrast to bright blooms that make flowers 'pop' with color. Importantly, as shown in this photo, the selection of mulch type and color should complement building materials and colors to provide curb appeal.


Beyond appearance, there are many advantages to adding mulch that benefit every landscape. Your Account Manager will consider the following factors in choosing the right mulch type(s) for your property:

  • Keep soil cool and moist in summer; mulch can increase soil moisture by 21% and reduce soil temps by 10 degrees!

  • Keep soil temperature constant in winter to prevent heaving

  • Provide weed control

  • Allow adequate air and water to pass to the soil

  • Prevent soil splash to minimize spreading disease and prevent erosion

  • Add nutrients to the soil, or prevent nutrient loss, or remain neutral

  • Provide a barrier for trunks and stems to prevent lawn equipment damage

  • Minimize soil compaction

  • Protect roots

Not surprisingly, there are a variety of mulches but on a very basic level, we classify them as organic and inorganic. The organics are anything that breaks down over time; for commercial properties, the most popular choices are chipped or shredded wood or bark which come in a variety of colors and textures. As certain types of organic mulch break down, care must exercised to avoid nitrogen depletion which can weaken plants. Inorganic mulches most frequently used on commercial properties are rock, crushed stone or gravel. Again, there are a variety of colors and textures.

Finally, the depth of mulch and its placement is also important and varies according to where it will be used and its purpose. Some factors that your Account Manager considers include drainage, irrigation, soil type, and of course, plant/tree type.

Now that you know more about mulch, call us today to schedule your spring mulch plans!

Paulita LaPlante