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A minnesota legacy

Prescription Landscape Inc purchased Arteka Outdoor Services in 2017; in 2019, we made the decision to integrate this unique division under the Prescription brand. We hope this beautiful new page inspires passion for sustainable land practices and urban greenspace creation in tribute to Arteka founders, Jerry Bailey (1942-2015) and David Luse (1957-2006). We are fortunate to continue to employ some of the same team members who worked for David. This page is largely dedicated to David’s memory and his love of the green industry. To quote his obituary, “Dave’s entrepreneurial beliefs and optimistic outlook live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved him”.


This mini portfolio of signature properties speaks to our mission of creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes that are sustainable in our Minnesota climate. We love the interesting and the innovative. We have turf, plant and architect experts on staff who have the experience, creativity and credentials to address all your landscape needs.

Federal Courthouse Minneapolis MN. Designed by Martha Schwartz Partners, these turf mounds represent drumlin deposits left by glaciers but are actually a clever security feature protecting the buildings while providing artistic and environmental interest. This iconic property is an urban treasure that our team proudly maintains.

The Landings, Minneapolis MN. This multiyear renovation project required the Urban Land Care team to renovate the entire common area and redesign planted areas to remove junipers and replace them with perennial plants that included pollinator friendly plants, textures and color.

222 Hennepin Minneapolis MN. Challenging and unique - the maintenance needs in Minneapolis-St. Paul urban environments are an Urban Land Care specialty. This is one of two courtyards on the fourth floor of the 222 Hennepin Building integrating gardens and a water feature resulting in this peaceful oasis in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

Unique Services and Expertise

Our urban land care team members were among the first to offer design and maintenance for premier clients in downtown Minneapolis and St Paul.

Design expertise coupled with horticultural knowledge gives our team a reputation for installing eye-popping color from spring bulbs through summer pollinator-friendly flowers into autumn color and winter textures.

The renaissance in urban living and emerging awareness of urban heat islands was welcomed by our team of experts in greenroof installations and maintenance - the Toro greenroof is one beautiful example.

In addition to greenroof expertise, we have also created a process for maintaining green walls, native gardens and rain gardens that deliver on energy, water and budget conservation promises. We are a G-Sky green wall distributor!

Fifth Street Towers, Minneapolis MN. Downtown work environments require amenity decks that complement hardscape and furnishings with vibrant floral and green interest. Our designers enjoy getting clients involved in the collaborative creative process.

“Spring in the City” . Photograph by Angi Neu.

“Spring in the City” . Photograph by Angi Neu.